The day Inma Cuesta brushed her teeth with shaving foam before meeting an ex again

Meeting an ex again generates endless emotions in your body, which can be good, bad and even intestinal. That is in case it is an unexpected act, such as if you bump into him on the street. If we are already talking about a meeting with the aforementioned person to catch up, have on hand a Lexatin. An expert on this topic/drama is the great Inma Cuestawho attended ‘Martínez y Hermanos’ earlier this month.

The interpreter, who visited the Movistar+ space, hosted by Dani Martínez, along with Vicky Martín Berrocal and Silvia Abril, broke down when he had to chatter about the funniest anecdotes he had experienced in his life. And that of the protagonist of ‘The Bride’ has a lot to do with “a story that was finished”. Spoiler: what comes next is NOT, by any means, a romantic comedy.


Inma, who after several months decided to stay with her ex, “was in a hotel, and before he came I was getting ready a little, because I didn’t want him to see me destroyed,” says the Valencian: “When I went to sleep toothpaste, I say: ‘What is this?’, it stuck to me, as if it were cement,” explains Cuesta, mentioning that it was fixing cream and not toothpaste.

“I started hitting the towel and it wouldn’t go away,” Cuesta stressed, awakening laughter from those present: “Well, it depends on the plan and the intention, it would have gone well,” he responded. Silvia April. “There are times when we should take that,” she warns, very wisely, Vicky.


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The move did not stop there. And that same day, oral hygiene played tricks on the interpreter again: “I don’t know when I arrived, I wasn’t well at that time, I went to brush my teeth and instead of taking the toothpaste that there would be there I put shaving cream on“he recalls Cuestapointing out that this one is even “worse” than the first.

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