The date of the Zamalek and Pharco match today in the Premier League, and the transmission channels

Zamalek match against Pharco today..The first football team of Zamalek Club will meet its counterpart Pharco in the final round of the life of the Premier League competitions, in a match without motives after Zamalek lost the league shield in favor of its rival Al-Ahly, in addition to Pharco remaining in the lights league this season.

Despite that situation, the confrontation is not devoid of some desires that the two teams are looking to achieve, especially Zamalek, who will play in order to heal his wounds after his heavy loss against Al-Ahly, with a goal against four goals in the last summit meeting at Cairo Stadium, which established the red pole complex for his white counterpart. After Al-Ahly confirmed its superiority over Zamalek, and translated this reality by scoring seven goals in the net of the Mit Oqba battalion, in the total of the first and second round matches..

Therefore, the Colombian Osorio, the technical director of Zamalek, is expected to play with a purely offensive plan, relying on a number of scoring weapons and game keys such as Ahmed El-Sayed Zizou, Nasser Mansi, the Tunisian Seif El-Din El-Jaziri and the veteran Mahmoud Abdel-Razek Shikabala.

On the other hand, Pharco is looking to take advantage of the lack of weight of the Zamalek players and their deteriorating morale to snatch the victory that the Alexandrian team missed in the last four matches, and Pharco also suffers a deep wound after his heavy loss against Al-Masry Al-Port Said with three goals without a response, in the last round match that witnessed the expulsion of his defender. The main player, Abdullah Bakri, and then his absence from the Zamalek meeting.

Pharco’s technical staff relies on a number of experienced players, such as Amr Gamal and Shukri Naguib, the attacking duo.

The date of the Zamalek match against Pharco today in the Premier League

Zamalek Club will play its match today against Pharco Club, at the end of the 34th round matches, corresponding to the sixteenth of this month, as the match will start from Cairo International Stadium at exactly 9:30 pm Cairo and Makkah Al-Mukarramah time.

The dates of the Zamalek matches in the Arab Championship

Zamalek and the Tunisian Monastir Federation

Zamalek Club will play the first matches of the group stage in the Arab Championship against the Tunisian team, Al-Ittihad Monastir, on Friday, corresponding to the 28th of this month, at exactly six o’clock in the evening, Cairo and Makkah Al-Mukarramah time.

Zamalek and victory

Zamalek Club will also face its counterpart, Al-Nasr Club, at the end of the group stage rounds in the Arab Championship on the third of next August, as the match will start at 6:00 pm Cairo and Makkah Al-Mukarramah time.

The channels broadcasting the Zamalek match against Pharco today in the Premier League

Ontime Sport channels broadcast Premier League matches exclusively for fans in the Middle East and North Africa, and Ontime Sport 1 will broadcast the Zamalek and Pharco match in the Egyptian League.

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