The controversies in the match between Vélez and Argentinos: two unpaid penalties and an embarrassing ending

The first penalty not sanctioned in favor of Vélez

The equality of Vélez and Argentines in the Diego Armando Maradona Stadium was colored by a controversial arbitration of Pablo Echavarriawhich exploded at the final whistle with a collective complaint from the Fort because the judge He did not take two crucial penalties for the visit in their fight to escape relegation.

Two minutes into the match, the first discussed play took place with the match 1-0 in favor of those led by Sebastián Gallego Méndez. Joaquín García was attacking on the right side when he sent a cross into the area cut by the outstretched hand of Mariano Bittolo. Immediately, García requested a penaltybut Echavarría took a free kick centimeters from the largest rectangle. There, the WASin charge of Nazareno Arasa, went into action. After a few seconds of review, the authority decided to agree with the main judge.

But, In the images of the transmission it is clearly observed that the Argentinos player’s arm was inside the area and therefore a penalty should have been awarded to Vélez.

Later, with the result 1-1 due to the goal of Luciano Gondou, Pablo Echavarria returned to the focus of controversy. In the third added minute, Gianluca Prestianni saw his advance in the area interrupted by a deliberate handball from Javier Cabrera. The 17-year-old burst into an angry complaint against the referee, who let the game continue.

After the ball left the court, Arasa in the VAR again gave the right to the main judge, even though he must have invited him to watch the play on the screen because, again, it was penalty for Vélez. This is a deliberate handball that is placed in an unnatural position and slows down the trajectory of the ball.

Second penalty not sanctioned in favor of Vélez

The end of the duel in La Paternal motivated the players of the Fort approach Echavarría in a violent and disrespectful manner to demand explanations for his arbitration rulings. Despite having been pushed, kicked and hit, the person in charge of dispensing justice He did not show any authority and did not expel any of the aggressors. Solo Santiago Caseres He saw the yellow cardboard in the middle of the scene.

This way, Argentines He was able to keep one point at home and must beat Barracas Central on matchday 14 to dream of qualifying for the 2024 Copa Sudamericana. On the other hand, his rival was seriously complicated because he has a four-point advantage over Colón, the last one that would drop to the First Nationalbut Sabalero You still have to play the match of that date against Workshops and will face Velez in Liniers on the last day.

The scandalous ending between Vélez and Argentinos

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