The controversial words of Vinicus to Dimitrievski that were captured by the cameras

Sparks flew on more than one occasion during this day’s Madrid derby. He Real Madrid – Rayo Vallecano It was lived with great intensity and there were several clashes between the players during the course of the match. The most commented has been that of Stole DimitrievskiRayista goalkeeper, and Vinicius Junior. After the match, the cameras captured the discussion between the two in which the Brazilian’s controversial words towards the Macedonian were read.

The cameras of Movistar+ They captured the moment where Vinicius Junior threatened Dimitrievski after a play. “You and me, get out! You and me, out!”, said the Brazilian to the goalkeeper. In fact, on another occasion during the final minutes, both had a collision where the player from the Real Madrid He was somewhat calmer, since he had yellow cardboard from a previous action.

Vinicius saw the yellow card for protesting a possible foul on Camavinga. At the start of the game there were several steals of the ball by both teams, who were intensely competing for possession. However, the Brazilian understood that one of the tackles should be called as a foul. The player of Real Madrid protested airily to Martínez to the world who did not hesitate to take the card because of the protests.

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