The conclusion of the World Paddle League competitions “World Paddle League” .. tomorrow

Tomorrow evening (Sunday, June 11, 2023), the curtain will fall on the World Paddle League competitions, the first event of its kind ever to be held in cooperation with the Dubai Sports Council and the Department of Economy and Tourism in Dubai, under the title “The Greatest Show in the Stadium” and hosting its competitions. Coca-Cola Arena Dubai in City Walk, with the participation of 28 players from the most prominent padel stars in the world, making up 4 teams: Jaguars, Panthers, Tigers and Cheetahs.

The third day of the tournament witnessed strong competitions between the participating teams, as the Jaguars team managed to defeat the Panthers team in three sets against one set, as follows, 3-6, 6-4, 6-2, and 6-4, leading the Jaguars team with a total of points that reached 63 points, while the Panthers team was behind the top of the teams, after its total points reached only 59 points.

The Panthers also lost in the second day matches against the Cheetahs on a total score, as the matches ended with a score of 2-2, as follows: 7-5, 6-3, 3-6, and 2-6.

Abdullah Nasser, the owner of the Tigers team participating in the tournament, said: “I am proud to be the only Arab Emirati owner in the tournament, and I thank the Dubai Sports Council for its continuous support, and I am happy to be the first to open an investment in sports.”

At the end of the tournament, a concert will be held, which begins after the end of the competitions. The concert will be performed by the famous singer Mithun, who is one of the most famous Bollywood artists. The first days of the tournament witnessed the organization of two concerts. The third day’s concert, international DJ artist Nicky Romero.

The Cheetas team includes: Abdullah Ahli, our national team player, who plays alongside Ariana Sanchez, Ariana Sanchez and Paula Josemaria, both of whom are ranked third in the world, in addition to Fernando Pelastiguin, who ranks sixth in the world, and Maria Virginia Riera, ranked seventh in the world, and Pablo Lima, ranked tenth, and Miguel Yanguas, who is ranked nineteenth in the world.

The “Jaguars” team also includes Abdullah Abdulaziz Abdullah, along with Alejandra Salazar Bengochea and Gemma Treay, who are ranked third in the world, Carlos Daniel Guterres, ranked fifth in the world, Franco Stupashuk, ranked sixth, Geronimo Gonzalez Locke, ranked thirteenth, and Carolina Navarro-Bjork, ranked in Rank forty-seven.

The Panthers team includes Faris Al-Janahi, Augustin Tapia, ranked first in the world, Artur Coelho, ranked fourth, Beatrice Gonzalez, ranked fifth in the world, Lucia Saizen, ranked eighth in the world, Aranzazu Osoro, ranked eighth in the world, and Alejandro Ruiz Granados, who is ranked fourteenth.

The “Tigers” team includes Salem Al-Houli, Marta Ortega, who is ranked sixth in the world, Francisco Navarro Comba, who is ranked ninth, Victoria Iglesias Sigador, ranked tenth, Federico Chengotto, ranked twelfth, Juan Tello, ranked eleventh, and Delphina Brie Sinesi, who is ranked It is ranked eighteenth, and the audience of the tournament can enjoy daily art concerts that are held throughout the days of the tournament with the participation of international artists.

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