The biggest enemy of the Saudis!

The intense campaign that was launched against drug dealers, promoters, smugglers, and drug users is nothing but a battle in a war that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has waged, is still waging, and will continue to wage against the biggest enemy that threatens its development and the progress of its society!

The Saudis have been fighting drugs for decades, and they are continuing today because fighting drugs is not an option, but an imperative duty for every nation that seeks to protect its gains, develop it, and invest the minds of its society. Whoever follows the history of the efforts made since the establishment of the Kingdom will find that the determination of the competent authorities in combating drugs has never wavered. The security services are in a state of constant alert to confront the promoters, the customs are a high wall to repel smugglers, and the addiction treatment institutions provide assistance to drug users, while the legislative and judicial authorities have enacted regulations the laws that impose the most severe penalties on drug smugglers and dealers; To deter their activities and eliminate their trade!

Today, the Kingdom is one of the strictest countries in dealing with drug issues, and it does not tolerate those involved in it. The present of the country and the future of its generations are at stake, and confrontation is the only bet to protect the country and its people!

These campaigns launched by the state and led by its specialized agencies will not be complete without community participation at all social levels and in various educational, sports and professional fields to spread awareness and enhance self-protection among members of society, so that awareness becomes the first line of protection in supporting the efforts of the state and its specialized agencies to defeat drugs and overcome the methods of their manufacturers and promoters. And its changing smugglers!

In short, we are at war against the greatest enemy of our present and future, and its defeat is the responsibility of all of us!

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