the best cuts to eat on the grill this weekend outdoors in Palermo

This Saturday, November 11 and Sunday, November 12, Carne! returns, the festival for fans of meat. roast. With a wide range of delicious innovative dishes and cooking techniques, this event promises to be a carnivore’s paradise.

One of the most notable characteristics of this 6th edition is the commitment to new trends. Although there will be options to please all palates, those who usually eat this type of grilled preparations will be able to discover – and try – the new cuts and ways of grilling.

The appointment is both days from 12 to 11 p.m. at the Palermo Hippodrome, (accessed through Av. Libertador). Entrance is free and open. Meat in all its varieties will be offered at 30 stands and foodrucks. The fair will also have attractions for children.

What to eat in Meat!: the best of each new trend

Smoked cuts at the Carne festival!

The Carne festival!  will present different trends in meat. The Carne festival! will present different trends in meat.

Las smoked meats They continue to gain prominence. Smoking procedures are becoming more and more sophisticated and diversified. Some options that can be tried at the festival:

  • Smoked vacuum, with Creole sauce and melted provoleta, at Jordanas for $4,500.
  • Smoked Choripán: smoked pork chorizo ​​in its barrels over low heat and with sauces, at La Magia Flaco for $1,700.
  • Smoked pastrón, at No es Soberbia for $3,500 (includes fried sweet potatoes).
  • Brisket, ribs and pulled pork in Oklahoma, between $4,500 and $5,500.

Pork cuts at the Carne festival!

Until not too long ago, pork cuts were the cheapest but since they have grown and grown in consumer preference, they have risen in price and They take a leading role on the grill. These options will be present at the festival.

  • Porchetta al spiedo with coleslaw salad, at Tres Fuegos for $3,500.
  • Pernil with peppers, with warm rosehip sauce on potato bread, at Shappa for $4,200.
  • Smoked Bondiola with coleslaw, at Asado Campero for $3,800.
  • Bondiola al Spiedo, with confit tomatoes, arugula and chives mousse, in Jordanas $3,900.
  • Braised pork with fresh lettuce, onion compote and mustard emulsion, at Flama for $4,200.

“Weird” cuts at the Carne festival!

Meat Festival!  for carnivores with curious taste buds. Meat Festival! for carnivores with curious taste buds.

Marucha, top, steak tapa, skirt, tip of back, ossobuco. He repertoire of cuts It expands in the butcher shops and is also expressed in the fair. Some recommended cuts:

  • Slow-cooked steak tapa with Creole sauce and chimichurri, at La Magia Flaco for $3,900.
  • Grilled brisket with bone and rustic potatoes at D&D for $3,500.
  • Slow-cooked shoulder tip, with mashed potatoes at Food Truck Argentina for $4,300.
  • Grilled marucha marinated with citrus and spices, at Lo de Gauna for $3,500.

Japanese barbecue at the Carne festival!

Meat!  will present dishes made in Kamado. Meat! will present dishes made in Kamado.

Increasingly widespread in Argentina, The kamado is a Japanese refractory ceramic oven that works as a grill using very little charcoal. The most virtuous grillers use their enveloping heat to obtain juicier and perfectly cooked pieces.

  • At the Tres Fuegos stand they will use kamados to offer “Walnut lamb with Malbec onions and green leaves” ($4,100) and “Entrails “al apple tree, with chimi and special criolla” ($5,800).

Grilled Matambre in Carne!

He stamps of steer It is not known for being an easy cut to grill, but some of the grillers at the Carne Festival still encourage it. Where to try it:

  • Matambrito on pizza, at Lo de Gauna for $3,500.
  • Rolled matambre, grilled in Shappa for $4,000.
  • Matambre al libro a la fugazzeta in Pancho Masjuan for $4,200.

Gourmet choripán at the Carne Festival!

Choripán, a must-see classic. Choripán, a must-see classic.

The classic choripán does not lose its validity and is revamped with bold proposals. We recommend trying some of the following.

  • Hungarian pork chori with smoked bacon, at Crusadas for $1,800.
  • Pork choripán with provolone, cheddar and mozzarella, at Fierro for $1,600.
  • Pork chori with arugula, pickled red onion and Sriracha in Flama for $1,800.

Stake roast at the Carne festival!

The ribs a la stake is one of the favorites for meat fans, It requires at least 5 hours of cooking and is perhaps the most traditional way of grilling. An authentic Argentine delicacy. Here, two recommendations:

  • Stake lamb with mashed potatoes with herb butter, at Delta for $4,200.
  • Beef ribs, at Asado Campero for $4,500.

Achuras at the Carne Festival!

The achuras also present in Meat!The achuras also present in Meat!

After the picado, the queens of the home barbecue are the achuras. Carne grillers replicate the experience, but with an innovative touch.

  • Sweetbread with green and homemade olive oil, in Fierro for $3,000.
  • Heart sweetbreads cooked over low heat and hydrated with lemon juice, at La Magia del Flaco for $3,200.
  • Picada de achuras (chinchulines, Provencal-style kidneys, chorizo ​​Rueda and blood sausage from Burgos), in Tres Fuegos for $7,000.

Empty, a classic at the Carne festival!

The vacuum It is the whole cut most used for grilling., an infallible classic of Argentine barbecues. For many it is the cut that should never be missed. For the most classic palates, these three infallible recommendations:

  • Empty Captain with provoletta and fries, at Club Asador for $4,500.
  • Smoked super vacuum, with Creole sauce, at Jordanas for $4,000.
  • Vacuum sandwich with fries at Todo Brasas for $4,500.

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