The arrival of more than 173 thousand pilgrims to Medina after performing their rituals

The statistics of the Hajj and Visit Committee revealed that the number of pilgrims who arrived in Medina after God blessed them to perform the rituals of Hajj amounted to (173,905) pilgrims of several nationalities, who came through the air and land ports and the train of the Two Holy Mosques.

The statistics of the Hajj and Visit Committee of the movement of receiving and leaving pilgrims in Medina showed that the total arrivals for yesterday, Thursday, amounted to (40,591) pilgrims, of whom (35,855) arrived at the immigration reception station via (947) flights.

While the Land Pilgrims Center received (2566) pilgrims via (65) trips, and the Two Holy Mosques Train Station received (2170) pilgrims via (69) trips.

Regarding departures, the statistics indicated that the number of pilgrims departing on their way to their countries amounted to (55,545) pilgrims, while the number of pilgrims remaining in Medina until Thursday reached (118,349) pilgrims of different nationalities, and the occupancy rate of housing in Medina was (38%). 60,008 pilgrims benefited from the medical services provided to the pilgrims of the Holy House of God.

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