The 8th edition of the Al-Rutab Festival kicks off in Souk Al-Jubail, Sharjah

Yesterday morning, the activities of the 8th annual Jubail Market Festival of Dates, hosted by the Jubail Market, were launched and will continue for 3 months, with the participation of 8 owners of wet shops and vendors present in the market, as it witnessed a great turnout on its first day from visitors.

Eng. Hamed Al Zarooni, Director of Al Jubail Market in Sharjah, confirmed that the Date Festival is organized annually, and a large number of Emirati date producers participate in it, as it has become a real platform to promote their palm products, given the market’s strategic location and stunning view of the sea, in addition to its facilities and facilities. It provides a spacious and comfortable environment, which constituted an attraction for tourists and visitors coming to Sharjah and the Emirates, who enjoyed following the heritage events that accompanied the festival on its first day, as it witnessed an increasing number of audiences.

The festival also aims to promote palm cultivation and enhance its competitiveness as part of the tributaries of the economy locally and internationally, so that palm cultivation and export has become an integral part of the tributaries of the economy in the country.


He added that all dates are available at the festival, where there are more than 30 varieties of different dates, including: Al-Khalas, Al-Khunaizi, (Ain Baqar), Al-Numeishi, Al-Halawi, Al-Naghal, Al-Ratana, Al-Jabali and many others, which witness a great demand from customers, and meet the needs of all shoppers, both individuals and merchants. Because of its high health and nutritional value

And he indicated that many activities will be organized that will accompany the organization of the festival, and revealed that the festival last year achieved high sales rates, which called on merchants to display their products in the market during the current session.

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