Tesla raises discounts to $8,000 on these two models

Tesla offered a discount of about $8,000 on new inventory of its Model S and Model X electric cars as part of its campaign to increase quarterly sales, according to Electrek, which was seen by Al Arabiya.net.

According to Tesla’s website, the new Model S is priced at $82,740, at a discount of $7,500, while the Model X is delivered at as low as $94,430, down from $102,240.

The company is also giving 3 years of free supercharging for the Model S and X for delivery by the end of June, according to Tesla’s website.

According to Electrek, the offer was the incentive Tesla initially used to get owners of older Model S to give up free lifetime supercharging by purchasing a new car — this later expanded to all new orders.

The incentives aren’t surprising, given the fact that the automaker’s Model S inventory has more than doubled over the past three weeks, the site said, without disclosing the source.

In the same context, Tesla has made an offer on the Model 3, for buyers who will receive their cars before June 30, by obtaining 3 months of super fast charging.

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