“Technical and vocational training” is preparing to convert to the two-semester system

The Technical and Vocational Training Corporation has finished developing its curricula and training plans and preparing the field for the transition to the two-semester training system for the next training year 1446 AH, in order to optimally invest all available resources and harmonize with the university education sectors.

The Governor of the Foundation, Dr. Ahmed bin Fahd Al-Fuhaid, stated that the launch of the strategic plan for training in the Kingdom will have an impact on keeping pace with the stage of qualitative transformations that the Kingdom is experiencing, and will contribute to raising the quality of outputs and adding continuous and focused quality skills, as the trainee will be on a soft training journey, and will also contribute to achieving stability. By balancing between theoretical and practical aspects, it helps in developing training plans and raising the quality of outputs.

Dr. Al-Fuhaid stated that the institution launched an integrated program for this transformation to be done smoothly while preserving the gains, which is a developmental measure consistent with the university education system.

He pointed out that the Foundation aims, through this development, to raise the quality of the outputs in accordance with what is required by the labor market, and to provide a greater opportunity for the trainee to obtain educational and skills, as well as to make optimal use of the training facilities, equipment and human resources working in the training sectors of the Foundation.

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