TC: Todino won a race for the heart attack in Toay

The final of the Road Tourism at the Toay racetrack, corresponding to the fourteenth date of the season and fourth of the 2023 Gold Cup, got underway with a Dodge and a Chevrolet moving from the front row. Juan Martín Trucco did so from first place seeking his triumphant baptism, while Agustín Canapino, after returning to victory in a series, did so from second position. Further back appeared Juan Cruz Benvenuti (Torino) and Germán Todino (Dodge), followed by Craparo, Mazzacane, Landa, Mangoni, Quijada, and Ebarlín, in the first ten places of the moving game.

For his part, the Playoff leader, Mariano Werner (Ford) started from 16th place and his immediate pursuer, Julián Santero (Ford), started from 28th place.

The driver from Tres Algarrobos managed to make a good difference at the start, while the man from Reef did not give him much strength and took second place, closely followed by Todino who accelerated better with the Dodge, beating Benvenuti’s Torino outright. . For his part, Mariano Werner lost one position to Aguirre and was 17th, in the second lap.

Elio Craparo took fifth place in the race from Benvenuti, with a very strong car, as he had demonstrated in his series. Santiago Mangoni was placed 8th and in this way, he snatched second place in the Gold Cup from Santero, who appeared 25th, in the first four laps. Meanwhile, in a fight between teammates, Benvenuti won the position over Landa.

For his part, Germán Todino made a great maneuver with the Dodge to snatch second place from Agustín Canapino’s Chevrolet. The competition was completing the sixth lap when it was neutralized by a mistake by Andy Jakos’ Toyota. So Trucco and Todino matched speeds to start again.

In the relaunch, Trucco once again fully accelerated the powerful Dodge and gave Todino no chance to take away the privileged place, while Canapino lost his podium place with Gastón Mazzacane, but the thing would not stop there, because Craparo The IndyCar driver was also encouraged and overcame it. This completed the intense first third of the final in Toay.

For sixth place, Juan José Ebarlín sought to surpass Benvenuti in a long and interesting maneuver that the “Mago” ended up winning to go in search of Canapino. Up ahead, Trucco and Todino appeared to be escaping from the rest, in a fight that promised a spectacle for the second half. Benvenuti quickly recovered his lost position and was the one who went hunting for the “Titan”.

The competition reached the 15th lap when it was neutralized for the second time after the mistake of Nicolás Bonelli. Once again, Trucco and Todino were on par and the Di Meglio Motorsport driver was once again accurate in accelerating and maintaining the position. Behind, Craparo tried with Mazzacane, but the man from La Plata knew how to defend himself to take care of 3rd place. Meanwhile, Canapino lost 5th place to Benvenuti.

On the 20th lap, Juan Martín Trucco and Germán Todino seemed to be in a separate race for the lead. Behind, Marcos Landa overtook Agustín Canapino through a maneuver, to take sixth place. But the “Titan” continued to lose positions, as Ebarlin did the same against a defenseless Chevrolet No. 78, leaving it 8th.

Marcos Landa made a race, with great advances, to be one step away from the podium on the 25th lap, after overtaking Benvenuti and Craparo. Up ahead, Todino did not give Trucco a chance to make a mistake and began to look for it more aggressively, so the leader had to defend himself with everything he could, knowing that in the curves he was not as forceful as in the straights. For his part, Mazzacane was defending himself from the threatening, effective and accurate Marcos Landa, who looked for him and ended up taking third place.

The race entered the last lap and Todino came out better on the main straight, but Trucco controlled the final at his discretion, against a tremendously threatening Dodge No. 56. But in the last meters the adrenaline increased throughout the racetrack, with an exciting definition, because the cars were on par and the “Gaucho de Rivera” tamed Dodge’s duel better and thus took away Tres’s chances of the first victory. Algarrobos and turned it into his third victory of the season, winning a race in the final corners.

Fourth place went to Gastón Mazzacane, followed by Juan Cruz Benvenuti in fifth place. Mariano Werner, leader of the Gold Cup, finished 15th. In this way, and with a heart-stopping outcome, Tourism Carretera closed its penultimate chapter and the protagonists begin to think about the final event, in “El Villicum” in San Juan, the weekend of December 2 and 3.

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