Taher Muhammad Taher: The Austrian camp is perfect..and we are striving hard to win the Super Cup

Taher Mohamed Taher, player of the club’s first football team, praised the team’s preparation camp currently being held in Austria, indicating that he seeks to appear strong during the new season, and to win more titles with his teammates.

Taher said: “The load planner distributed physical programs to all players in order to adhere to them during the rest period, and we do not need a long time in order to return to the known level, and I was in Austria to perform the physical program, unlike my teammates who performed their programs in different places”.

He added, “I was injured in the first training session after returning from rest, with a bruise in the ankle of the foot after a collision with my colleague Mahmoud Metwally, but the injury was minor, and I returned to training normally.”

And he continued: «Next season we will play a large number of competitions, and certainly having a strong list of players in all positions will be beneficial to the team, and Marcel Koller always rotates among all players, so having a strong list and many names of distinguished players benefits the team throughout the season. ».

And he continued: «Every player has to commit only to training strongly in order to obtain the opportunity to participate mainly, and for myself I will work with all my might to obtain this opportunity during the next stage, especially since last season I started well but was injured, and there is always a conversation with The technical director who speaks to me wonderfully, in order to return to participate and provide the required addition, and the most important thing is to train vigorously, so that I will be under the command of the technical staff at any time.

And Taher added: “I am not affected at all by social media, and I do not care about following social networking sites, and I am very sad that some players are affected by it.

He added, “Personally, I do not follow a lot of social media or television programs, and what matters to me is the opinion of the technical director, and I constantly evaluate myself, as well as some of those close to my family and friends, otherwise I close all doors and do not concern myself with any criticism.”

Taher continued: “The establishment of the team camp in Austria is a positive matter, away from the atmosphere of Cairo, and we are fortunate in the external camp. It is good to win the African Super Cup, and the new season is very long, so the camp is a good opportunity for new players to adapt to the rest of the players.

And he continued: “Al-Ahly players will strive with all their might to continue winning titles and continue writing history in the new season, especially after we achieved 5 titles last season, and every player seeks to make history for himself in the club.”

Taher continued: “The Club World Cup is a dream for all Al-Ahly players as well as the fans, and we aspire to reach the final match. He won a new medal other than the bronze.

Taher concluded his speech, saying: “Certainly we will prepare strongly to face the Algerian Capital Union in the African Super Cup, but now we have an interest in the physical side, and as for the technical preparation for the match, it still has some time, but we will certainly prepare strongly for this match, in order to win the first titles.” In the new season.

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