Tadawul launches 4 indices for companies and initial offerings

Saudi Tadawul announced the launch of trading indicators for the size of companies and initial offerings, starting yesterday (Sunday).

Tadawul explained, in a statement, that the launch of these new indices – which include a Tadawul index for large companies, a Tadawul index for medium-sized companies, a Tadawul index for small companies, and a Tadawul index for initial offerings – is an important step in the path of growth and progress of the Saudi financial market.

Tadawul indices for the size of companies reflect the composition of the market, as large companies represent 70% of the total market value of free float shares, while medium-sized companies represent 20%, while small companies represent the remaining 10%. Tadawul indices for the size of companies also provide investors with reference measures for expanding… The scope of their investment strategies and taking advantage of the opportunities provided by the market.

The Tadawul Index for Initial Offerings focuses on companies that have listed their shares on the main Saudi Tadawul market during the past five years. This index provides investors with benchmarks to evaluate the performance of newly listed companies, and also provides them with a unique opportunity to invest in new, fast-growing companies.

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