Sunday evening the sky shone red

On Sunday evening the sky over Bavaria shone red. The reason for this was the northern lights, which are rarely seen in Germany.

To see the northern lights, you actually have to travel north. The spectacle can be regularly seen in the sky in Finland, Norway and Canada. It is rare that you can also see the lights over Germany. But on Sunday evening it was in some regions Bavaria to see an unusually strong northern light. Again Bavarian Radio reported, it was, among other things, in Upper Bavaria Markt Indersdorf to see. However, in many places in Bavaria, clouds disrupted the view of the northern lights.

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Northern lights can be seen in Germany in February

As early as the end of February, northern lights could be discovered in the sky in Schleswig-Holstein, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Hamburg, North Rhine-Westphalia, Lower Saxony and Hesse, according to the director of the Berlin Planetarium am Insulaner and the Wilhelm Foerster Observatory, Monika Staesche, according to the German press -Agency. Several users shared pictures of the colorful lights in the sky on social media, and a panoramic webcam on the North Frisian island of Amrum also captured a green and red shimmer. There were also sightings in Germany in April and September.

This is how northern lights are created

Northern lights are created by the sun – not by its light, but by the solar wind. They are created by charged particles from solar winds hitting the Earth’s atmosphere. They are made to glow by the earth’s magnetic field. Northern lights occur at an altitude of over 100 kilometers. That’s why you can only see them on particularly clear nights. The intensity and frequency of auroras are related to the activity of the sun. They are usually strongest in January and February. They are usually green or red. They have not yet been fully researched.

Magical spectacle at the beginning of autumn: Northern lights over East Germany. On Monday night, another rare spectacle was observed: Northern lights and numerous shooting stars streaked across the dark night sky.

Video: dpa

Beyond the Arctic Circles, the Northern Lights, also known as the Northern Lights, can be seen almost every day. Because they only appear on dark nights, it must be winter for them to appear. First a pale yellow glow appears, then the lights become stronger and stronger. Some northern lights are only slightly visible, others shine in bright colors.

Northern lights can hardly be predicted

Unfortunately, it is difficult to predict when the northern lights will be seen. Because of the enormous speed of the solar particles emitted, only a short-term prediction is possible.

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