Sporting-Tomares suspended in the 30th minute

It was the 30th minute of the match between Sporting Atlético of Ceuta and the Tomares Sports Union In the match played corresponding to matchday 8 of group 4 of the Youth Honor Division, everything seemed to be going normally until halfway through the first half, something was seen that is very rarely seen in a football stadium.

About the 20th minute of the match, the referee in charge of directing the contest in the ‘Benoliel’, Rafael Jiménez, sent off the Tomares player Alejandro Sousa with a direct red card, for insulting the judge after a foul that did not blow in favor of the Sevillians. This was not very pleasing to the Tomares bench, who vehemently protested this decision.

The expulsion came at a moment in the game when Tomares was playing better on the field, counteracting the good start of Sporting Atlético, which was a dagger on the Sevillian area.

It all started around the 30th minute of the first half, when in a clash between two players, both from Sporting and Tomares, they went hard to dispute the ball, that was when the Tomares bench jumped energetically to protest what for them considered a lack. Faced with such euphoria and nervousness, the linesman warned the main referee to throw out a member of the Tomares coaching staff, since several members invaded the field of play.

The referee, well advised by his linesman, gave the red card to this member of the coaching staff, and chaos broke out. Members of the Tomares expedition who were part of the bench said that “we are leaving the field, this is a shame,” could be heard on the grass of ‘José Benoliel’.

Unusual, this is how the fans present and, above all, the local players and benches remained in the face of what was happening. The Tomares delegate went out to talk to the federation delegate to explain the situation, and after that the Tomares team went to the locker room to wait for the referee’s decision.

In truth, there was no need to wait for any decision, since the referee whistled the end of the match because Tomares decided to abandon the match. But we still have to wait for the decision of the competition committee to resolve the match, and everything indicates that the three points go to Sporting Atlético de Ceuta.

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