Spanish police arrest 3 fans for racism against Vinicius

The Spanish police announced today, Tuesday, the arrest of three Valencia fans, on charges of insulting chants and racist insinuations against Brazilian player Vinicius Junior, Real Madrid player.

And the Spanish police said, through its official account on the social networking site “Twitter”: “3 youths were arrested today in Valencia due to the racist behavior that occurred last Sunday in the match between Valencia and Real Madrid.”

The Spanish police also published a video clip of the arrest of 4 people who hung a doll “hanging on the Madrid bridge” with Vinicius Junior’s shirt in January, on charges of committing a “hate crime.”

And she said that three of them are “active members of the Ultras group who are fans of a club in the capital, Madrid,” without the police identifying this club, but reports revealed that they support the Atletico team.

The Valencia match against Real Madrid, which was held on the grounds of the Mestalla stadium, the stronghold of the bats, witnessed a crisis between Vinicius and a group of his home fans, due to the racist chants and references against him.

This incident caused a state of anger among many fans and soccer stars in various countries of the world, who were keen to support the Brazilian star Vinicius Junior, and demanded that the penalties be toughened against any fan who deviated from the script.

Florentino Perez, President of Real Madrid, met with Vinicius Junior to show him his support and affection, and to inform him of all the steps that will be taken to defend him, as well as to assure him that the club will go to the end in confronting this hate speech by some.

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