Spain’s World Cup-winning players return to the team

The body representing the players of the Spanish women’s national football team said – early Wednesday – that the World Cup-winning players had agreed to end their boycott of the national team after the game’s federation said it would make “immediate and profound changes” to its structure.

The decision was reached – at dawn today – after more than 7 hours of meetings in which players and officials from the Spanish Federation, the National Sports Council and the Women’s Professional Players Association participated.

Victor Francos, head of the National Sports Council, told reporters, “A joint committee will be established between the Football Association, the National Council and the female players to follow up on the agreements that will be signed.” Tomorrow…the female players expressed their concern about the need for profound changes in the federation, and we are committed to making these changes immediately.”

Neither Francos nor Rafael del Amo, head of the National Women’s Football Committee, explained the nature of these changes, only saying that they would be announced “soon.”

WTA President Amanda Gutierrez said He told reporters: “There has been a convergence of views, according to the description of the players. It’s the beginning of a long road. “Once again, the players showed their solidarity and the vast majority decided to stay in order to reach an agreement.”

Some of the players from the World Cup-winning team joined a training camp yesterday after threatening to boycott the team in protest against discrimination and inequality.

Misa Rodriguez, Olga Carmona, Oyhane Hernandez, Eva Navarro and Terry Abera have previously said that they will not play for the national team until changes occur in the local federation.

The five players joined the national team squad before playing a European Nations League match against Sweden next Friday, and they were chosen by coach Montse Tommy, despite their statement last week demanding the departure of more people in the federation after Luis Rubiales, president of the federation, and Jorge Belda, the former World Cup-winning coach.

On Monday, Jenny Ermoso, who was at the center of discussion in the “Rubiales Kiss” scandal during the World Cup winning medal ceremony, accused the federation of trying to divide female players and “manipulate” them.

Ermoso said that the federation did this by threatening the players with legal action and imposing financial fines if they refused to play.

According to the Spanish Sports Law, the fine for refusing to play with the national team amounts to 30,000 euros ($32,000), in addition to the suspension of the playing license issued by the local federation for a period ranging between 2-15 years.

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