Son of the mayor of Baradero declared himself innocent and will remain detained for robbery and homicide

The son of the mayor of Baradero, Felipe Sanzio, He declared himself innocent of the crime today of a businessman last August, in which he would have participated and was arrested yesterday. The incident occurred during a robbery, and she argued as an alibi that at the time of the murder ““was working”. They also determined that “will remain formally detained as one of the four accused of the homicide,” according to judicial sources.

Felipe Sanzio, the son of communal chief Esteban Sanzio, this afternoon was investigated by the prosecutor of the caseMaría del Valle Viviani, as alleged co-author of “robbery aggravated by the use of a firearm and for being committed in a town and in a gang.” The label of “homicide criminis causa”.

Desimone case: what the first investigations said

Judicial sources reported that, in his defense, the young man pleaded not guilty and that, at the time of the crime of businessman Gustavo Desimone (50), “He was at his workplace”.

According to the spokespersons, he was also investigated today Constantino Fernandezanother of the detainees, who is accused as a “necessary participant” of the robbery of Desimone, given that the investigators’ hypothesis is that this suspect provided data to the rest of the bandso that the victim was later assaulted in his fifth home in Baradero.

Likewise, the detainee Matías Breyaccused of being another of the “coauthors” of robbery and homicide, He refused to testify before the prosecutor in the casewho tomorrow will investigate the fourth accused, Ramiro Rey Bacareza, who He is housed in the Campana prison for a robbery committed on September 6.

The four suspects will remain formally detained at the disposal of the Justice of Guarantees, while it can be resolved your procedural situation. According to sources, the three accused who were at large They were arrested yesterday by staff of the Departmental Directorate of Investigations (DDI) Zárate-Campana.

The mayor’s word regarding the arrest of his son

After learning of the arrest of his son Felipe, Mayor Sanzio issued a press release in which he expressed his “perplexity at the news”.

“I completely don’t know the reasons that generated the judicial diligence, but I have full confidence in his innocence,” said the communal chief, who added that cannot provide information because he doesn’t know “the content of the judicial proceedings”.

The crime of businessman Desimone It was committed last August 31when the victim was assaulted by criminals in his home in the neighborhood Swiss Colonymeters from the provincial route 41, in Baraderoin the north of the province of Buenos Aires.

Desimone was tied up, beaten and shot to death on his back, in the context of a robbery in which an unspecified sum of money and other securities.

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