Son do Camio sells out 30,000 season tickets for its 2024 edition in two hours

The festival will put another limited block of passes and daily tickets on sale once more artists who will be part of its lineup are announced.

08 nov 2023 . Updated at 3:21 p.m.

The first batch of festival tickets The Sound of the Road-a total of 30,000- has been sold out. The tickets that will give access to the three days that the event will last to be held in O Monte do Gozo (Santiago) you give them May 30 and 31 and June 1 the sale lasted two hours on-line which took place this morning.

The passes were delivered in blocks, which started at 79 euros. (plus management costs) and gradually increased in price. The different sales sections have been 79, 89, 99, 119 and 139 euros. In addition, there was a VIP ticket called Ultreia for 209 euros. For children under eight years old, a reduced subscription of 20 euros was established.

The capacity of the festival last year was 42,000 people per day, so there are still season tickets and day tickets to sell. In that sense, the organization announces that it will put on sale another limited block of season tickets and also tickets for each day, once more artists who will be part of its lineup are announced. O Son do Camio will feature in this edition 48 artists distributed for the first time on three large stagesone of them specialized in electronic music.

To the public that in recent years has supported the eclectic bet with figures of Latin urban music and Spanish pop-rock, this time the rocker has joined pushed by the inclusion of Green Day. The group will give a full concert and is the only artist announced so far. The commitment to guitars as the headliner suggests a festival in the vein of the first two editions, although the organization has already announced that there will also be reggaeton, trap and electronic.

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