“Social Insurance”: The completion of 2.7 million transactions during last June

The General Organization for Social Insurance issued the monthly periodic bulletin for the month of June, as the expenses for insurance benefits for the month of June amounted to more than 10.4 billion riyals, while 2.7 million transactions were completed electronically, and the expenses of the unemployment insurance system “Saned” amounted to more than 76.5 million riyals The pensions of the occupational hazards branch amounted to more than 16 million riyals.

The number of registrants in electronic services exceeded 110 thousand new registrants, while the website visitors of the institution exceeded the barrier of 1.8 million visitors, and the number of pension definitions issued electronically for the same period reached more than 128 thousand identification letters, and the number of new users of the application of the institution for smart devices reached more than 141 thousand New user.

The number of users of the “virtual visit” service amounted to more than 21.6 thousand users, while the number of users of the digital human service “Amin” during the month of June amounted to more than 34 thousand users, and the number of beneficiaries of the “WhatsApp” social insurance reached more than 13.1 thousand customers. .

The number of customers who benefited from the “Insurance Assistant” service reached 1.3 thousand customers, while the incoming calls to the customer service call center exceeded the barrier of 64 thousand calls, and the inquiries received for the Corporation’s account for customer care via the “Twitter” platform amounted to more than 25.5 thousand inquiries.

Insurance compliance visits increased to more than 12.1 thousand visits, awareness visits more than 9.6 thousand visits, in addition to 67 meetings and workshops during the month of June.

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