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Sky expert Didi Hamann believes it is legitimate for Bayern coach Thomas Tuchel to defend himself against criticism. In the dispute between Tuchel and him and Lothar Matthäus, something else is bothering the ex-professional.

The former national player Didi Hamann is in dispute Thomas Tuchel surprised at the form of criticism Bayern-Trainer expressed. “I was a little surprised and surprised by the way it was done. It’s also a form of decency. You have to do that on a certain level,” said Hamann Sky90. After Munich’s 4-0 win in the top Bundesliga game at Borussia Dortmund, Tuchel reacted irritably to the criticism from Hamann and Lothar Matthäus and broke off the interview at the Sky table.

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Didi Hamann is surprised by the manner of the memorable Tuchel interview. He lacked the necessary decency, especially towards Lothar Matthäus.

Hamann on Tuchel’s outburst: “Big question as to how the club thinks about it”

Hamann referred to Matthäus’ achievements as a record national player. The 50-year-old Tuchel was in… Sky Interview delivered a verbal duel with Matthäus and moderator Sebastian Hellmann. The former Bayern professional Matthäus, like Hamann, had after the Cup exit of the record winner at the third division team 1. FC Saarbrücken Criticism expressed towards Tuchel and the team. “I understand that he defended himself. He has to protect himself, protect the players, protect the club, that’s his duty. That’s part of the business and that’s what matters,” said Hamann.

However, the expert criticized that Tuchel did not say “what was bothering him”. Hamann also raised a question that was anything but unimportant: “The big question will be how the club thinks about it? What happened yesterday after the game was a bit unpredictable. I think that’s for a club “Something that is not welcome. Because of course – no matter what happens – you want to have a feeling how the coach will react. I think those responsible were surprised at the way.”

Hamann holds on to criticism from a sporting perspective

Personally, he has no problem with Tuchel: “I always try to express myself objectively. For me it’s always about the matter, for me it’s not about Thomas Tuchel. This is about FC Bayern,” said Hamann. “I played with him in selection teams when I was younger. I really appreciate him, he has a good sense of humor.”

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At Sky90, expert Didi Hamann addresses FC Bayern’s performances so far in the current season and refers to the discussions surrounding Thomas Tuchel’s special Sky interview.

From a sporting perspective, Hamann sticks to his criticism. “For the first time in eight months under Thomas Tuchel, they showed a game from minute one to 90 where I say: Wow, that was strong.” The way Munich played football this season was “for the most part not good”. Too often there is a lack of sovereignty and concentration.

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