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3. Purpose of corporate reorganization and new establishment

Corporate Supervisory Unit

• In order to achieve the Medium-Term Business Plan STS2030 Revision, review the supervisory scopes of the Corporate Strategy Division, the Administration Division, and the Corporate Quality Assurance Division to make it easier to conduct global management.
Give the Corporate Strategy Division a structure more highly focused on utilizing the budget and human capital to achieve STS2030, and make the Administration Division responsible for strengthening corporate governance and SDGs response, as well as responding to important stakeholders. In addition, reposition the Corporate Quality Assurance Division as the division supervising the functions for ensuring the reliability of not only the products and services, but also matters regarding legal affairs and compliance in a broad sense.

• Reorganize the Value Chain Support Department, which is responsible for the planning and management of each value chain, into functions for each supervisory unit, and establish a “Supply Supervisory Unit Office,” a “Healthcare Business Supervisory Unit Office,” and a “R&D Supervisory Unit Office” under each supervisory unit.


Supply Supervisory Unit

• Dissolve the Overseas Business Division, which is responsible for general supervision of the overseas business of the entire SHIONOGI Group, and shift to a system where each value chain supervises the relevant overseas functions. Place the Global Supply Chain Strategy Department directly under the Supply Supervisory Unit, and integrate the Global Business Department into the “Healthcare Business Supervisory Unit Office” as a planning and supporting function for overseas business under the Healthcare Business Supervisory Unit.

• Convert the vaccine business, which we have been working on as a pillar of our evolution from a drug discovery-oriented pharmaceutical company that mainly provides prescription drugs to a HaaS (Healthcare as a Service) company that provides healthcare services, into the Vaccine Business Division, and develop a structure that will allow us to respond flexibly and quickly to everything from the creation of vaccines to their supply, by comprehensively overseeing the entire process from research and development to production and sales.


Healthcare Business Supervisory Unit

• Have the Integrated Disease Care Division specialize in overseeing awareness, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment strategies related to diseases and healthcare so that it can more strongly promote the planning and implementation of strategies. Associated with this, reorganize the Integrated Disease Care Division to have the New Product Planning Department and the New Business Promotion Department as component organizations, place the Medical Affairs Department directly under the Healthcare Business Supervisory Unit, and move the Corporate Social Responsibility Department to the Administration Division under the Corporate Supervisory Unit.

• Associated with the progressive dissolution of the Overseas Business Division, have overseas group companies currently supervised by the division report to the Healthcare Business Supervisory Unit and form a structure in which healthcare business operations, both in Japan and overseas, are centrally supervised.

• Consolidate the functions related to collaboration with external entities, which have been dispersed within the Healthcare Business Supervisory Unit, into the “External Collaboration Department” to be newly established directly under the Healthcare Business Supervisory Unit, in order to step up efforts to resolve social issues through external collaboration. Place the “Partnership Promotion Office,” which is primarily responsible for dealing with overseas organizations, under the Department of Public Relations.

• Reorganize the Vaccine and Diagnostic Drug Department into separate functions, and transfer them to the Vaccine Business Division, to be newly established, and the Diagnostic Drug Office under the New Product Planning Department.


R&D Supervisory Unit

• In order to organize and integrate similar functions that have been established within the Research Division and the Biopharmaceutical Research Division, and, in order to improve research productivity and quality by strengthening the expertise of each function and streamlining the research process, reorganize these functions into the Drug Discovery Research Division, which will be responsible for research at the healthcare solution creation stage, and the Pharmaceutical Technology Research Division, which will be responsible for CMC research. Associated with this, place the Intellectual Property Department directly under the R&D Supervisory Unit. In addition, transfer vaccine-related research and development functions to the Vaccine Business Division, to be newly established under the Supply Supervisory Unit.


4. Personal reassignment (Effective; April 1,2024) 

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