Sharjah Charity begins receiving requests for the ninth group wedding

The Sharjah Charity Association announced the start of receiving applications to participate in the ninth collective wedding within the country, to include a number of young people with limited incomes who are about to get married, similar to the collective wedding projects that the association has implemented during the past years.

Ali Muhammad Al-Rashdi, Chairman of the Supreme Committee for the Collective Wedding Project, said that under the guidance of the Association’s Board of Directors and in implementation of what was approved in the general strategic plan for the sustainability of these projects, it was decided to organize the collective wedding project, which is the ninth in the history of the Association since its inception, with the participation of a number of young citizens of the country, holders of ceremonies and sons of female citizens. Those who are not beneficiaries of the Marriage Fund assistance, as well as residents who have provided great services to the state, with the aim of enhancing belonging and loyalty in the hearts of young people towards serving the country and contributing effectively to building society.

He added that submitting applications for participation in the group wedding project comes through the website only and in accordance with a number of requirements approved by the Supreme Committee for the group wedding project to identify the eligible categories, indicating that once the specified time period for receiving applications ends, all those applications will be studied to determine the categories. most deserving to participate in this project.

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