Schwarz Group companies invest in Aleph Alpha

  • Security for sensitive applications: Promoting sovereign AI technology in accordance with European data protection standards
  • Diverse potential for the application of AI along the entire value chain of the Schwarz Group
  • “AI Codex” as a basis for collaboration – internally and with partners

Technology is fundamentally changing everyday life, society and the economy. Technical innovations play an important role in the Schwarz Group companies in order to further expand their position as one of the world’s leading trading groups. Safe and sovereign AI is a key technology.

For this reason, the Schwarz Group companies, together with six other investors, are participating in the second round of financing for Aleph Alpha, the leading developer of artificial intelligence in Germany. The investment is intended to promote and implement AI technology in accordance with European data protection standards. The investment will help advance AI research and accelerate the development and commercialization of generative AI and large language models for complex and critical applications. This means that artificial intelligence can also be used in sensitive areas such as critical infrastructure – including along the entire value chain of the Schwarz Group.

“Artificial intelligence is omnipresent. Researching them and using them responsibly is why we invest in Aleph Alpha. We want to build trust in this technology and integrate it even more into everyday life. Aleph Alpha’s technology meets our requirement for sovereignty in line with our corporate values ​​and fits perfectly with our sovereign cloud and cyber security solutions. Our goal is to sustainably improve the customer experience and make our employees’ work processes easier,” explains Rolf Schumann, Co-CEO Schwarz Digits.

Great potential for AI application in the Schwarz Group – clear code of values

Artificial intelligence can be used to optimize processes in all divisions and areas of the Schwarz Group – from administration to trading processes to food production or recycling. Additionally, the technology also has the potential to enable improvements in customer experience and service.

When using and developing a sovereign AI, it is crucial for the Schwarz Group companies that it is safe, fair, explainable and reliable. These values ​​were manifested in the jointly developed code of values, the “AI Codex” of the Schwarz Group companies, which is also a prerequisite for cooperation with partners. In this internal code, the companies of the Schwarz Group explain, for example, what requirements apply when using AI, what goals are pursued with the technology and what responsibility arises from its use.

Information about the financing round

Aleph Alpha, the leader in explainable and trustworthy generative AI applications, has raised capital in a Series B financing round and formed key strategic partnerships to launch the next stage of its development in the global AI race. The consortium, consisting of seven new investors, is led by Innovation Park Artificial Intelligence (Ipai), Bosch Ventures and the companies of the Schwarz Group. Other new investors include Berlin-based Christ&Company Consulting, global edge-to-cloud company Hewlett Packard Enterprise and German software company SAP, as well as investor Burda Principal Investments. Previous investors complete the round. This strategic investment will further strengthen the German and European AI position for the development of sovereign AI.

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