Scenes from the wedding of media personality Dania Shafi’i “Video”

The media celebrated Dania Al-ShafiiAt her wedding during the past few days, which received the interaction of many social media users, who shared videos of the wedding and her appearance in the white dress.

Dania Al-Shafi’i published, through her personal account on the social networking site “Instagram”, a video from her wedding, in which Dania Al-Shafi’i appeared, in a white dress, with a bouquet of white roses in her hand.

Who is Dania Al-Shafii?

A Saudi broadcaster, born on October 20, 1983, she studied media at the American University. In 2004, she joined the MBC3 team, and during her media career, she participated in presenting many important artistic festivals and events.

Dania Al-Shafii

Among the most important programs that she presented are “The Laboratory, The Experiment, Who Is Stronger, Tell Me Why, Dania, Fawazir Ramadan, Good Morning Arabs, Tell Me How, and Communication.” Her programs usually achieve success and enjoy a large viewership rate, so she is considered one of the prominent media figures in the Arab world. .

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