Scandalous ending in La Paternal: Vélez’s fever with referee Echavarría

Furious. This is how the Vélez players and some members of the Gallego Méndez coaching staff ended with referee Pablo Echavarría, understanding that he harmed them in the tie vs. Argentines in La Paternal. For this reason, as soon as the meeting ended,and they went up in smoke, protesting emphatically in the middle of the playing field. The referee had to be surrounded by police and security personnel. Hot. El Fortín has not yet secured its presence in Primera.

Argentinos Juniors 11-11-2023

Hot final between Argentinos and Vélez


Still up on the scoreboard, An attack by Vélez just beginning the ST led to the first controversy on Saturday afternoon in La Paternal. Should Echavarría have awarded a penalty for the Gallego Méndez team? Here we review it.

What happened? Roberto García climbed up the right and threw a cross on the run. desperate, Mariano Bíttolo jumped on the edge of the large area to try to prevent the ball from reaching the heart of the area and ended up extending his arm. The ball hit the hand of the Bicho player and Echavarría decided to take a free kick.

Was it criminal? The play is really very fine, typical of VAR. Difficult to see if Bíttolo’s arm (in the air) was on the line or off. With the camera flush with the playing field, located from the Vélez goal, would give the impression of arm/hand contact with the ball on the area line.

The hand taken outside the area.The hand taken outside the area.

From the VAR (led by Nazareno Arasa) toThey ended the action but ended up giving the right to Echavarría. To make matters worse, with less than 15 minutes left, Argentinos ended up tying it.

Velez 11-11-2023

Vélez claimed a handball in the area, but the VAR charged him outside


Vélez's claim. Vélez’s claim.

At 48′, Gianluca Prestianni was hand in hand with Javier Cabrera. The one from Bicho threw himself on the ground to prevent the boy from Vélez from progressing into the large area and, in that effort, the ball touched his left arm. Unleashed, Méndez and company protested emphatically. “It’s a hand, but a natural position,” could be read on the referee’s lips in response. From the VAR they shared the initial decision of the main whistle and there was no penalty. A certain similarity to that of the Brazilian Guga with Fabra in the final of Libertadores de Boca vs. Fluminense.

What Echavarría points out. What Echavarría points out.

Velez 11-11-2023

Another controversial hand in the Argentinos area

The fever of the end. The fever of the end.


Gallego Mendez 11-11-2023

Gallego Méndez left angry at the press conference

“I didn’t speak anything with the referee. I went to take out my players because we still have one more game. No more than that. We knew that some guys arrived with just enough and were going to end up getting tired. Based on that we modified. When we It was difficult to get there, we tried to populate the middle more to have more of a mark. They all made offensive changes, it was difficult for us. And then the game ends like this. Everyone will draw their own conclusions. Sorry, I don’t feel like talking much more. Forgive me “Have a good afternoon. See you,” was all Gallego Méndez said in the conference. A Gallego evidently beaten and upset.

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