Saudi Arabia ranks second in cyber security

The Kingdom ranked second in the world in the cybersecurity index, as part of the Global Competitiveness Yearbook Report for the year 2023, issued by the Global Competitiveness Center of the International Institute for Administrative Development in Switzerland, which aims to analyze and rank countries’ ability to create, maintain and develop a supportive and stimulating environment for competitiveness. .

The National Cybersecurity Authority indicated that this rank is a reflection of the unlimited support and empowerment given by the leadership to the cybersecurity sector, and an affirmation of the continuous development witnessed by the cybersecurity sector in the Kingdom, and an extension of the Authority’s efforts in building and strengthening the cybersecurity sector, which in turn contributed to achieving this goal. ranked globally for the second time in a row, through a number of initiatives such as launching the National Portal for Cybersecurity Services “Haseen” to provide innovative cyber services and solutions, provide quality programs to build national human capacities and enhance their competitiveness locally and globally, and empower entrepreneurs and innovators in the cybersecurity market And issuing regulations to enhance cybersecurity, following up on the commitment of national authorities to them, and launching international initiatives to support efforts and unify joint endeavors in the field of cybersecurity.

The advanced rank achieved by the Kingdom in the cybersecurity index in the Global Competitiveness Yearbook Report for the year 2023 confirms its leadership in international cybersecurity indicators, and consolidates what was previously confirmed by other international indicators in the same field, as the United Nations ranked the Kingdom in second place globally in the index. Global Cyber ​​Security, confirming its interest in this promising sector and drawing the contours of its vision in its various local and international dimensions.

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