Santiago Forlín, the beloved singer of La Previa, died at the age of 33

Chaco music is mourning the sad death by the member and vocalist of the group “La Previa”, Santiago Forlin. From what he knew in the last few hours, the singer He was going through a difficult time with his health, which is why he was hospitalized approximately a month ago.

And precisely, his family and friends a few days ago had started a campaign to raise money so they could help the singer with his expenses, as well as his mother who accompanied him during his hospitalization in the province of Formosa.

The singer of “La Previa”, Santiago Forlin, died

In their stories, the band wrote: “May my friend rest in peace, partner of mates, trips, chatting and your endless questions. Send a lot of strength to your family.”

The family noticed that they were running out of options and the young man’s health was deterioratingso they requested transfer to the High Complexity System of the “Juan Domingo Perón” Hospital in Formosa, where Santiago was admitted in order to obtain an accurate diagnosis of what he was suffering.

“His situation is complex. Santiago was hospitalized for 30 days without obtaining positive results or a precise diagnosis of what he has,” friends of the singer had commented a few days ago.

The news of the death of singer It was confirmed by the official website of the musical group to which it belonged. “Today is a very sad day, our friend Santiago Forlin is gone,” they wrote in a meaningful post on the official Instagram account, along with a photo of the 33-year-old young man, singing in one of his shows.

Chaco of mourning: The singer of "The Previous" Santiago Forlin

CHACO: The singer of “La Previa” Santiago Forlin died

In their stories they also published a photo of young Santiago Forlin singing, smiling, and wrote: “May my friend rest in peace, partner of math, travel, chatting and your endless questions. Send a lot of strength to your family.”

This was not all, because as a tribute to the singer, they also changed the profile photo with a black bow, a symbol of mourning, which says “see you forever.” The musician lost his life at the young age of 33 and with a promising career ahead of him.

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