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Podemos will call its consultation on the investiture when Armengol sets a date

Podemos will call its consultation with the militancy on what its five deputies will vote for in Congress at the investiture of Pedro Sánchez when the president of the Lower House, Francina Armengol, sets a date for the debate.

This was announced this Monday at a press conference by the spokesperson for the Executive, Isa Serrawho confirmed that “will be the Citizen Assembly“, that is, the group of those registered,”the one who makes the decision on the investiture of Pedro Sánchez“, and that they will do it “with the data they have at that moment”; that is, probably without knowing if Podemos will enter the Government or notwhich could affect your decision

When the consultation is called, Serra explained, “a position of the leadership” of the party on what to vote for for Sánchez’s investiture will be transferred to the militancy, who has always been in favor of re-electing Sánchez and not giving the right a second chance. However, by not having Podemos “data on the date of the investiture nor how the negotiation is taking shape” between the PSOE and Sumar, He couldn’t make any progress.

The spokesperson also reiterated “the importance of Podemos being within the Government” and? Irene Montero continues to be the Minister of Equality. “The appropriate thing is to receive a response and, based on the response, be able to evaluate our response,” he hoped, later protesting: “Sumar continues without giving us information regarding the negotiations with the PSOE and regarding the formation of the Government. We hope to receive them in the coming days.”

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