“Sanabel Modern Cars” fulfills customers’ desires with the highest standards of quality

The visit to the Chery factory and its laboratories located in the People’s Republic of China left a deep impression and understanding on the part of the modern Sanabel Automotive Company, which is one of the companies of Mohamed Yousef Naghi, and the agent of Chery cars in the Kingdom, about the technological capabilities that the company possesses in its two laboratories located in the People’s Republic of China. The visit came on the sidelines of the 2023 Chery Global Dealer Business Conference in Wuhu, China, in conjunction with the Shanghai International Motor Show 2023. With the wide global participation of Chery dealers around the world and a wide selection of media.

The visitors had a state of fascination and admiration for the extent of the technical and scientific development achieved by Chery in the field of designing and manufacturing cars, and related production and technical processes. For the environment that governs all the production processes on which the factory is based, and the factory contains the latest technology and is quiet, and because it represents the complete manufacturing process that Chery cars go through from A to Z, including measuring its performance, its internal systems and all the parts that make it up.

Abdullah Madhoun: Our goal is to participate in the development of the Saudi economy by attracting international companies

The General Manager of Sanabel Modern Automotive Company, Abdullah Madhoun, expressed his happiness at the extent of progress achieved by the company in the field of manufacturing, development and research related to Chery cars of all its categories and models. Cars in the Kingdom, in which it now has a significant share, and competes in it with all strength and merit.

Madhoun added: “We were inspired by the past successes from the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 towards strengthening the Saudi economy by attracting international companies by investing national and international expertise in this field, and relations with customers and investors, to provide the highest standards of quality and advanced technology.” He pointed out that they have set the highest quality standards in mind. Before starting to carry out their work in cooperation with their Chinese partners.

For his part, Ibrahim Hassan, Marketing Director at Sanabel Modern Automotive Company, expressed his confidence in the level of manufacturing and development that they saw, and felt a clear interest on the part of Chery to take seriously the observations related to the Saudi market and that Chery products fulfill the aspirations of the Saudi consumer in various categories.

Ibrahim referred to the strategic plans for marketing and sales and the innovative means implemented by Sanabel Modern Cars, in addition to developing and enhancing after-sales services, and the dynamic spirit enjoyed by the company’s teams, which was behind the remarkable spread of the Chery brand in the Saudi market and the enhancement of customer confidence in the Chery and Exceed brand, which It had a clear impact on increasing the demand for its products.

Modern Sanabel Cars wins two awards at the international level

Sanabel Modern Automotive Company won two distinguished awards during the Chery International Business Conference in conjunction with the Shanghai International Motor Show 2023. The two awards came for the best agent in achieving the highest sales growth rate in the world, and the best agent award in the field of customer communication, for the year 2022-2023. Sanabel Modern Cars is proud of this honor, and seeks more successes and the addition of many new products and services that suit different categories of customers, and provides high quality standards with advanced technology.

Chery towards a new path… and a new journey.. conquering the world with amazing features and exporting more than 11.2 million vehicles

And in an effort by Chery to face the changes that occurred in the markets, it inaugurated the Global Dealers Conference 2023, in the presence of 700 of its dealers around the world, including Sanabel Modern Motors Company, the exclusive agent for Chery cars in the Kingdom, and launched four important transformative measures, with regard to each of “technology” And “products”, “customer demand” and “environment”, with the aim of encouraging the company to enter the stage of “the new path … the new journey ..”.

The Chery brand has made a difference in the Chinese industrial transformation in recent decades, with a sales volume of 11.2 million vehicles, and Chery exports its products to more than 80 countries of the world, thus becoming the first exporter of vehicles at the international level for the twentieth year in a row.

Yen Tonagio, CEO of Chery: We will contribute to achieving the Kingdom’s Vision 2030

Chery Group started its first automobile manufacturing operations in 1997, that is, the company was the first Chinese company to produce automobiles in the People’s Republic of China, until now its sales volume has exceeded more than one million vehicles. What helped it achieve this is that it has established production lines for horizontal and vertical assembly across its value chain, with a focus on diversification, but making the automotive sector the most important sector for it to maintain its presence as an economic group with competitive ability and global reach.

You know that the Middle East region has always been an important strategic market for the Chery Group, due to the expansion of this market over the area of ​​the Arab world, and the presence of a large percentage of citizens at the young age, which constitutes a positive situation for us, and pushes us to move and offer more innovative products and services that Meet everyone’s needs.

I can say that Chery cars in the future will be based on the latest technological features in the world to meet the needs of consumers in the Gulf and Arab markets, including the fifth-generation hybrid turbo engine, which is a new super hybrid platform, in addition to the professional hybrid gear box, and the cockpit. Smart, automatic driving technology, and other technical features.

Also, Chery will soon establish a spare parts center in the Arab region to meet customers’ needs with the right speed and quality to enable them to enjoy driving Chery cars with ease and confidence.

The CEO of Chery, “Yen Tonagio”, attaches great importance to the expansion of Chery in the Gulf region, and the Arab world in general, and we seek to provide support to the countries of the region to achieve their visions in terms of economic progress. The vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which seeks to achieve Vision 2030, and we will work with it on that.

“Yen Tonagio” attributed the spread of the Chery and Exceed brand in the Saudi market to the strategic plans for marketing and sales and the innovative means implemented by Sanabel Modern, in addition to developing and strengthening after-sales services, the dynamic spirit enjoyed by the company’s teams, and enhancing customer confidence in the brand. It is evident in the increasing demand for our product.

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