“Sami” Saudi Arabia to Arabic: We aim to localize 50% of military spending by 2030

Walid Abu Khaled, CEO of the Saudi Military Industries Company, Sami, said that Saudi Arabia aims to localize more than 50% of military spending by 2023.

He added, in an interview with Al Arabiya on the sidelines of the Paris Air Show, that participation in the exhibition is very important to explore the latest technologies related to the military industries, and the company has signed more than 12 partnership agreements with the largest companies in the world, and many meetings have been held to keep pace with the advanced technology witnessed by this sector. important and strategic.

He mentioned that some agreements were signed with the support of the Ministry of Investment to purchase some machines and train qualified national cadres, who are currently manufacturing spare parts for some aircraft manufacturing companies, including Airbus.

Abu Khaled announced the signing of another agreement with the “Safran” company to maintain and install equipment for landing aircraft, so that these capabilities are provided locally.

It is worth noting that Safran is a French multinational company that manufactures aircraft engines.

He referred to the “almost finished” agreement, which will be announced at the Global Defense Exhibition in February 2024, which will be held in Saudi Arabia.

He said that Sami’s company has with the French company “Vigiac” specialized in manufacturing metal that is installed on aircraft, and Saudi young men and women have been sent for training, and they are currently making parts that are installed in aircraft, and this is actually present in Sami’s subsidiary company in Jeddah.

He continued, “With regard to” Safran “, the capabilities exist, but work is underway to develop them to deal with very advanced aircraft landing equipment, and there is initial training, and the company sent some of its employees to companies to obtain expertise and then return to the country, and it is expected that all capabilities will be present in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In less than a year.”

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