Salma Paralluelo’s poker, María Miralles’ save and Gift Monday’s two goals in two minutes: the moments of the F League day

FC Barcelona striker Salma Paralluelo celebrates after scoring 1-0 (EFE/ Enric Fontcuberta)
FC Barcelona striker Salma Paralluelo celebrates after scoring 1-0 (EFE/ Enric Fontcuberta)

He Barca F It does not fail, no matter the circumstances, the scenario or the rival. The blaugranas are at the top of the qualifier after having achieved victory after victory since the F League began, without having given up a single point. Many of the Jonatan Giráldez players arrived at the game after the national team break, where Spain faced Italy and Switzerland (both with victories) and with morale through the roof after Aitana Bonmatí will win the Ballon d’Or and the team in general will win the award for best team in the world. A burst of energy that was evident at the Johan Cruyff Stadium.

The entire team has shone against Sevilla F. Passes, plays, dangerous chances and goals, many goals. It was quite a goal festival while the goalkeeper of the Seville team kept knocking the ball out of the back of the net. But, among all of them, there is one player who has shone with her own light this Sunday: Salma Paralluelo. The forward, who started the national competition injured, with a wand instead of a leg, has transformed practically every ball she has touched into a goal, and has done magic on four occasions. Poker for the Zaragozan. Something that has not happened in the culé locker room since November 20, 2021, with Jenni Hermoso as author.

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If Paralluelo was unstoppable, Caroline Hansen He was not far behind either, given that three of his team’s goals came from his feet and he even scored one to continue increasing the score. A whole celebration of goals in which they also participated Marion Caldenteywith two goals, and Marta Torrejon, who scored the last goal of the game. Eight goals and three points for home, so they now have 21, with a distance of three against Real Madrid.

The Real Madrid players came out all out against Eibar F, the chances kept coming and it seemed like it wouldn’t take long for the goal to be on the scoreboard, but the minutes passed and that wasn’t the case. As soon as the meeting begins, Maria Miralles He made it clear to the white team that they were not going to make things easy for them. Toletti caught the ball on the edge of the area and gave it to Linda Caicedo, who quickly placed the ball and fired a shot directly into the corner of the Eibar F goal, but Miralles flew to take out a hand and stop a shot. A great save from the Armeras goalkeeper.

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After that, several shots from Real Madrid, shots that the Eibar F defense took on the goal line and more saves from Miralles until finally Well managed to open the scoring. Olga Carmona steals a ball on the side, dribbles past a defense and puts a cross into the small area that the Dane did not waste. Victory by the minimum of the white team to add three more points to the general tally.

Real Madrid's French forward, Naomie Feller, disputes possession against Eibar's forward, Esperanza Pizarro (EFE/ Javi Colmenero)
Real Madrid’s French forward, Naomie Feller, disputes possession against Eibar’s forward, Esperanza Pizarro (EFE/ Javi Colmenero)

This Sunday, Atlético de Madrid F visited the UDG Tenerife F field, with their mind set on continuing to add points to try not to move away from the top of the table. The first half of the match was spent with chances for both teams, although without major dangerous situations. But, the second 45 minutes were another story. Shortly after starting the second half, in the 54th minute, Gift Monday put Tenerife ahead on the scoreboard. Two minutes later, in the 56th minute, the Tenerife team’s forward scored the second goal. Two passes behind the red and white defense that Monday did not waste.

In the same way, Atlético de Madrid’s only goal arrived, a behind-the-back pass for Rasheedat Ajibade who entered the area and gave the ball up with a back pass for Lucia Moral, which sends to the back of the net to close the distance. However, they were not able to tie the game, much less turn the match around. The red and white team left the three points in Tenerife and moved away from the top of the table, as they fell to fifth position.

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