Russian presidential spokesman: Putin supports any ideas for resolving the conflict in Ukraine

Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that President Vladimir Putin remains open to any contacts to discuss options for resolving the Ukrainian problem.

Peskov indicated, in an interview with reporters on the sidelines of the Petersburg International Economic Forum, that the Ukrainian problem can be solved in various ways, and that President Putin supports any set of ideas to end the conflict, according to Russia Today.

Peskov added, “President Putin was and remains open to any contacts in order to discuss possible options for resolving the Ukrainian problem. For us, the phrase -the Ukrainian problem, is quite understandable. And everyone knows that. This problem has not been brewing for a year, but has matured over several decades. This problem is linked to the security of Russia and is linked to the provision of security guarantees for our country in the future, and it is linked to the presence of a potential anti-Russian center and its population on our borders, which is fed in every possible way from abroad. The problem is related to the advance of NATO with its military infrastructure towards our borders.”

Peskov continued, saying: “Of course, this problem can be solved in different ways. Therefore, any potential ideas aimed at resolving this problem and thus ending this conflict are supported by President Putin. The Russian president is in talks about this, and welcomes the upcoming contacts with the leaders of African countries.

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