Ronaldinho is threatened with going back to prison for fraud

Former Brazilian football star Ronaldinho was absent from appearing before the Brazilian House of Representatives for questioning over a lawsuit regarding a company bearing his name that works in the field of digital currencies, and thus he became threatened with imprisonment again if he continued to fail to meet the invitation.

Representative Orio Ribeiro, head of the parliamentary committee tasked with questioning Ronaldinho, said that the former player was summoned again today, Thursday, and if he did not implement the new summons, the police would go to him and transfer him “using force” to Brasilia to make his statement.

What is Ronaldinho accused of?

A company called “K Ronaldinho 18” is suspected of engaging in tens of millions of dollars in fraud, offering bogus cash gains of more than 2% per day to investors who invested at least $30 in virtual currency.

Ronaldinho’s name appeared as an “ambassador” for this company, which was originally set up solely for the purpose of trading in luxury watches and jewellery.

What does Ronaldinho’s defense say?

Ronaldinho’s lawyers assert that the former star was a “victim” of the aforementioned company, which they assert illegally used his personality and name, without his due permission, in order to deceive potential clients.

Those affected by the clients of this company gathered and filed a civil suit representing all of them, to claim about $61.2 million from the company for the damages they suffered.

The former Brazilian star was arrested in 2020 with his brother in Paraguay on charges of forging a passport. After 171 days in jail, they agreed to pay a $200,000 fine in exchange for the case being suspended.

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