Risto Mejide spoke with Marina Castaño in ‘Chester’ about the age difference in couples

Marina Castano has been the interviewee of the last installment of Traveling with Chester issued this Wednesday in Four. Risto Mejide sat with the widow Camilo José Cela to chat about love and the age difference between couples.

The guest recalled that her romance with the renowned writer began when She was 26 years old and he was 68. “That catches your attention,” said Castaño when he saw the reaction of the Mediaset presenter. “Not to me, but there are many people who do,” the publicist, who has been in a similar situation on more than one occasion, immediately clarified.

“If we were so united it is because We found the natural things in life natural. And the attraction between a man and a woman has no age“It doesn’t have to be old,” defended the journalist.

The three ingredients of love, according to Marina Castaño

During the interview, Marina Castaño assured that the three keys in relationships are “respect, fidelity and, of course, deep love”: “With those three ingredients, a couple is eternal. Love dies, naturally, sometimes, but that was not our case,” she expressed.

“I have always said that we spend our lives looking for someone to take to the altar when we should look for someone to take us to death”, reflected Risto Mejide.

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