Risto Mejide and Marina Castaño, widow of Camilo José Cela, talk about the age difference in relationships: “It was natural”

Marina Castaño, widow of Camilo José Celasat in the chesterfield Risto Mejide during Wednesday night. Before that, They took a walk through what was the couple’s houseigniting the journalist’s emotions.

The guest remembered the number of shelves with books that were in the hallway of the house: “They were all read books, The only ones that were read new were the ones that I indicated“.

Risto Mejide He asked her about the age difference. “When we met I was 26 and he was 68.“Replied Castaño. “Does it catch your attention?” the interviewee asked the presenter.

“None to me, but to many people,” replied Mejide, who was harshly criticized during his relationship with Laura Scanes for the same reason. “For us it was natural, the attraction between a man and a woman does not have to be old“Marina explained.

“Us We had a brutal attraction, one of the man-woman type, not father-daughter.“, he assured. In addition, Marina closed the topic by telling what she believed were “the ingredients of love”: respect, fidelity and deep love.

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