Ricardo Darn joins “I choose to believe”, the film that tells the intimacy of Messi and the National Team in Qatar 2022

Gonzalo Arias, executive producer of the project, tells the backstage of the film: the testimonies of Messi and all the figures on the squad, the special participation of Ricardo Darin and from when it can be seen in theaters.

November 16, 2023 07.14

Next December 7th it will be officially released I choose to believethe official AFA film that narrates, with testimonies from the protagonists, told in first person and from intimacythe details and details of the world cup feat.

The production promises to capture the passion and pride that Argentina feels for its soccer team, offering viewers a unique and unforgettable experience. In that sense, The most recent news is that Ricardo Darn joins as official narrator. In this way, the actor will be in charge of putting his voice at the service of the story in the film that remembers the obtaining of the last World Football Champion title.

Forbes Argentina dialog con Gonzalo Arias, general producer of Elijo Creerto learn more details about the production and the incorporation of Ricardo Darán to it.

– What was the most difficult part of the production?

– I wouldn’t say difficult, but it is complex. Each person who lived and felt what happened in the World Cup has their own story, and each one will tell it differently. There is also a lot of material to make a 5-hour film, between archive material, football, testimonies and whatever you can think of, and our challenge with Martín Mndez was that, to find our own perspective and reinforce the moments that for us They were more unique and emotional, trying to allow the public to see things they didn’t see, but also to feel and get excited again with moments that did thrill them, but that we are sure they won’t get tired of seeing a thousand times more. Finding that balance was the difficult part.

-How did you convince Darin to join the project?

– As everyone knows, Ricardo is passionate about sports and football, he adores Messi and also everything that can bring him closer to a moment of popular happiness as unanimous as this one, we knew he was going to seduce him. These are the projects that sometimes break any professional axis, these projects are done for glory and Ricardo understood it that way. Furthermore, beyond the extensive filmography he has, lending only his voice at the service of the story and a film is something he had not done and all this was an ideal cocktail for him to jump on immediately as soon as we proposed it to him.

I choose to believe
Ricardo Darn and Gonzalo Arias, general producer of I choose to believe

-What will viewers be able to find?

– What I told you before. The film proposes a slide of sensations, they are going to see things they have never seen, they are going to encounter moments narrated in detail by the players, with endearing and unknown characters like the prop man and of course, relive the emotion, sit down again but this time in front of a giant screen with all the spell that cinema has, to feel again, to get goosebumps and to shout the goals and sing the songs that moved us so much in Qatar. More than a film, what we wanted to do is a trip through the time tunnel to that moment and try to get the public in there, with Messi, Scaloni and the rest of the players.

– Can it be seen only in theaters or also on platforms?

– Our dream in principle is that the film can be only in theaters for several weeks so that no one misses that collective experience, we dream that people enter the theaters as if they were going to the field or the Lusail stadium. I thought that the majority did not go to Qatar and never shared the games surrounded by so many people, so going to the movies could be somewhat similar to that experience. And then yes, of course the film will be on a Platform so that you can continue watching it as many times as you feel like.

-What expectations do you have as a producer?

– What I told you just now, more than expectations, the dream is that Argentines can close the year reliving what made us all so happy. And we feel privileged to be able to have in our hands the possibility of retelling this story where the players and the coaching staff were the protagonists and the people themselves of what was achieved, and for us it will be the vehicle so that it can be seen again. , already fulfills any imagined expectation.

I choose to believe
Ricardo Darn is the narrator of I choose to believe

Details of I Choose to Believe

“I choose to believe” is presented as a moving tribute to the tenacity and dedication of the protagonists who won the title most important on the international football stage and its objective is for all fans to be able to remember and share in the country’s movie theaters, the winning of the World Cup, during the month of its first anniversary.


General Production: Gonzalo Arias

Produccin: Vctor Santamara – Sebastin Rollandi

Associate Producer: Mariano Suez

Artistic Director: Gonzalo Arias – Martín Mndez

Guin: Martn Mndez

Executive Production: Martin Froiln Lapissonde

Creative Production: Ernesto Cune Molinero

Production Manager: Pablo Ucha – Ignacio Vecino

Editing: Mana García

Journalistic Production: Pablo González

Commercial Production: Javier Suez

Graphic design and poster: Martín Lehmann

Archive Production: Sandra Sandoval

Music: Juan D’Eramo

PH: Tato pagano



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