Revealing the real estate auction for “Jewel of Jabal Omar”

In one of the rarest and most important investment opportunities in the world and just steps away from the Holy Mosque of Mecca, the city of Jeddah witnessed the signing ceremony of a strategic partnership between Jabal Omar Development Company and Esnad Real Estate Company to launch (Jewel of Jabal Omar), which is considered one of the most important upcoming investment opportunities offered by Jabal Omar Company. Through public auction, the opportunity consists of two plots of land. The area of ​​the first Jewel, as it was called, is estimated at approximately 5,649.10 square meters, and the area of ​​the second Jewel is 7,503.37 square meters.

The CEO of Jabal Omar Development Company, Khaled Al Amoudi, explained that the Jewel of Jabal Omar is located within the sixth phase of the Jabal Omar Project within the central area surrounding the Holy Mosque of Mecca, which can be reached on foot through the pedestrian paths that connect the Jabal Omar Project to the courtyards of the Grand Mosque. The project provides all infrastructure services, public facilities, and others.

Al-Amoudi added that the company seeks to open new horizons for real estate developers to develop quality projects and enable them to seize investment opportunities and enhance joint cooperation, as our current strategy is based on enhancing value and adopting a new operational model to complete the growth process with all stability and determination towards implementing our ambitious plans and projects that will enhance performance. The company will contribute to achieving the Kingdom’s ambitious vision 2030 in increasing the capacity of pilgrims and Umrah pilgrims to reach 30 million visitors and developing the areas overlooking the Holy Mosque of Mecca, while providing the best services that elevate the sanctity of the place and status in accordance with the highest international standards to serve the guests of God and perform their duties with ease and convenience. And enrich their religious journey and cultural experience, while developing various facilities and services that meet the needs of visitors and residents and improve the services provided in the central area.

For his part, the CEO of Esnad Real Estate Company, Engineer Muhammad Babhar, confirmed that the Jabal Omar Jewel is considered one of the rarest and most promising investment opportunities due to the importance of its vital location. It is an opportunity with sustainable value and growing investment returns due to the scarcity of lands in the central region, as it is possible to invest in it by building two high-rise towers in Each plot of land reaches heights of 35 and 40 floors, respectively, enabling major investors and businessmen to invest in the construction of international hotels, residential and hotel towers, and commercial complexes in the purest parts of the earth.

Babhr added that the plots of land were fully developed according to the highest technical and engineering quality standards for infrastructure, including rainwater drainage, sewage, water, electricity and telephone networks, all of which made it a unique investment opportunity for anyone who aspires to invest in real estate in the Holy Capital.

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