Reports: Al-Amin Jamal chooses to represent Spain, and FIFA regulations give hope to Morocco

Spanish reports revealed that Barcelona’s talent, Al-Amin Jamal, decided to represent the “La Roja” national team instead of his country of origin, Morocco.

And the newspaper “Marca” reported that Al-Amin said, “Yes” to the Spain national team, noting that he will be in addition to the former world and European champion, because of his talent, which he clearly demonstrated during his participation with his team, Barcelona, ​​​​even though he is only 16 years old.

And the newspaper indicated that representatives of the Spanish Federation recently met with the player and his family, in order to explain the future plan related to him, and are awaiting his final response to summon him to the national team list.

The newspaper added, “Despite Jamal’s decision to represent Spain internationally, this will not prevent him from playing for the Moroccan national team in the future, according to certain conditions, and based on the regulations of the International Federation of Football Associations.”

According to the amendment approved by “FIFA” in 2020, the regulations give the right to players who participated in a maximum of 3 matches before they reached the age of 21, to play for another team after 3 years have passed, from the last match in which they appeared with the first.

However, there is one case that completely abolishes this right, which is that the player represents one of the teams in the World Cup finals, and then he will not be able to change his international nationality.

In view of this rule, Al-Amin Jamal can play for the Moroccan national team in the future if he decides to do so, provided that he does not play more than 3 matches, and that he waits 3 years for this step to become legal by law.

It is noteworthy that Al-Amin Jamal had represented the Spain national team in the younger age groups, as he played 6 matches and scored 3 goals with the Spain U-15 national team. He also appeared in 4 matches and scored a goal with the Spain U-16 national team, while he participated in 10 matches and scored. 8 goals with the Spain U-17 national team, and he occupied the European runner-up with him, as well as playing with the Spain U-23 national team its first match on October 25, 2022 against Germany.

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