Reporter Jake Paul is “fired” mid-press conference after bizarre threat to Nate Diaz

Jake Ball Group, disguised as a reporter, was shot on the spot during the boxer’s press conference on Wednesday morning.

Paul’s press conference confrontation with UFC icon Nate Diaz turned into chaos when they came face to face prior to their match on Aug. 5 in Dallas.

At a wild media conference at the American Airlines Arena, Paul makes a pass on Diaz with a prop monkey while Diaz at one point exits to use the bathroom.

The most headline-grabbing moment was when an employee of Paul’s Betr Media attacked Diaz’s brother, Nick.

The media member asked: “Nate I’m actually a boxer and I’m trying to get on this undercard, I’m just wondering if you think I can fight your brother, Nick? If he looks like you, I guess I’ll spank his ass.”

Warning: graphic language

Diaz was stoic while addressing the odd question before responding to the threat of one

“You know my mates at home are seeing you now,” he told the reporter. “That was stupid, wasn’t it? That was stupidity. What is your name?”

The man responded by saying he was “Derek from Betr Media.”

Diaz was blunt in his response.

“Hey, Derek from Better Media, you dumb ass mom,” he said. “OK? You deserve to be flogged ass.”

He was “definitely very nervous,” the reporter said.

It turns out he should have been more concerned about his work with Paul cutting him off to say he was about to “fire” the reporter.

“He works at my company. I will deal with that later. “I’m so sorry, Nate,” Paul said. “I will fire him later. Derek shuts up. Shut up Derek.”

UFC referee Mark Goddard rolled his eyes after seeing the exchange.

The man referred to as “Derek” then quickly shut himself down.

The Paul Diaz fight has finally begun after more than two years of exchanging verbal barbs.

Diaz was previously unable to get out of the contract he was still in with the UFC.

The 38-year-old threw the game into uncertainty when he was arrested last month over a viral video where he was seen choking a man during a street fight.

This will be Paul’s first fight since his undefeated record was lost at the hands of Tommy Fury in February.

The rematch between Paul and Fury was expected to continue until Diaz surprisingly signed on to face Paul instead.

But the YouTube star – who was speaking at the Miami Grand Prix – insisted the celebrity boxing rivals would soon be fighting again.

“It will happen, it will definitely happen,” Paul told Sky Sports. “I think it was a great fight, it was entertaining, it was the biggest pay-per-view buy in boxing over the last couple of years so I think we have to put it back on again. Tommy is down and I’m excited about it.”

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