Real Sociedad anticipates income of 40 million for its passage to the second round of the Champions League

The Champions League fattens the coffers of Real Sociedad. Set blue white could earn up to forty million euros for qualifying for the round of 16 of the Champions League, according to Sports world.

Real Sociedad has already pocketed 27 million euros thanks to their two victories (against Benfica CF and RB Salzburg), a draw (against Inter Milan) in the group stage of the European competition and their position at number 41 in the ten-year ranking. Uefa rewards the teams participating in the top continental club competition with 2.8 million euros for a victory and 930,000 euros for a draw.

If they win the next match against Benfica CF, and in the event that the other match in group D ends with a draw, The Basque club would advance to the round of 16, which translates into an extraordinary injection of 9.6 million euros.

If they are eliminated in the group stage of the Champions League, Real Sociedad would play in the round of 32 of the Europa League, which translates into income of half a million euros plus 630,000 euros per victory.

For the current edition of the Champions League, Uefa announced last September that will distribute more than 2,000 million euros among the 32 clubs to participate in the tournament. 25% of the total has been allocated to initial installments, 30% to fixed amounts related to services, another 30% has been allocated based on the classification of ten-year profitability coefficients and the remaining 15% to installments. variables linked to market pool.

The initial fee, which amounts to 500.5 million euros in aggregate, allocates 15.6 million euros per club for participating in the group stage. Regarding bonuses for results (600.6 million euros), a bonus system for victories has been established, which amounts to 2.8 million euros, to which 930,000 euros are added for a draw.

The decennial ranking stipulates that clubs will receive a certain amount based on their performance over the last ten years. Based on certain parameters, a ranking has been established and the total of 600.6 million has been divided into participation coefficients. Regarding the disbursement for market poolthe clubs receive a monetary amount corresponding to the value of the television market to which the teams belong.

For its part, Real Sociedad closed the first semester of 2022-2023, which ended on December 31, with income of 28.9 million euroscompared to losses of 7.3 million euros in the same period last season.

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