“Ras Al Khaimah Social” discusses the future skills of Emiratis

Engineer Hassan Farajallah, an expert in programming and artificial intelligence technologies, called on young people to acquire future skills and prepare to develop them to keep pace with developments in professional fields, especially creative thinking and innovation, analysis and continuing education, decision-making, emotional intelligence, technical skills, social communication, and flexibility in thinking.


The youth session organized by the Emirates Society for Social Development in Ras Al Khaimah, entitled “Future Skills for the Emirati Citizen”, indicated that technology has a great impact on the world, as there are nearly 9 billion electronic devices connected to the Internet within the framework of the “Internet of Things” technology, and it works There are around 3.5 million robots in the manufacturing sector globally, and 58.5% of people’s access to the Internet is via smartphones.

Farajallah explained the most important axes that will lead the future of jobs and skills in the UAE, including the tremendous technological progress that will open new horizons for innovative job opportunities, especially in the fields of artificial intelligence, robotics, automatic control, advanced manufacturing, virtual reality, big data and the space sector.

Khalaf Salem bin Anbar, Director General of the Emirates Society for Social Development, stressed the importance of “semiconductors” and encouraged the participants to discuss them in the future, stressing that their industry provides important job opportunities and great economic benefits for the countries that invest in them, as it enhances the country’s ability to develop the technology and innovation sector. And relying on semiconductors, tremendous progress can be made in many areas such as artificial intelligence, intelligent transportation, and many others.


He pointed out that the success of the UAE in investing in digital infrastructure made it a regional center for multinational technology companies, in addition to the role of that infrastructure in facing the spread of the Corona pandemic, which enabled the UAE digitally to continue work, education and other sectors that did not stop in light of the ability of state institutions. To face the challenges of the pandemic, and therefore our youth must continue their efforts in acquiring scientific skills and a strong presence in the labor market in the fields of artificial intelligence, robotics, the space sector and other fields whose results are positive for the state.

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