Rains of freedom and umbrellas of slaves!

Betrayal and treachery are the worst human behaviors ever, and their severity and crime intensify when they are related to betrayal of the homeland, because the damage resulting from them goes beyond harming the individual to destroying the entire society, which may lead to its collapse and falling under the clutches of occupation, so all societies, ancient and modern, criminalize this behavior. Harsh sentences for traitors are legalized, which may reach the point of death. The presence of some traitors in any country does not reflect the fragility of its political or social system. Traitors exist in all societies, represented by small groups who like to live in complete darkness.

Usually, the reason for these despicable behaviors is some people’s resentment against the environment in which they grew up. However, in many cases, betrayal occurs with the aim of achieving personal benefit, which is often represented by the generous financial support provided by countries and entities hostile to the homeland to some of its members who have been devoid of values ​​and morals. The trade of treason has become a lucrative market for some as long as it finds someone to lavish it with gifts, so these people turn into puppets that are easy to manipulate and move in order to provide information to harm the security of the nation.

In the swamp of betrayal, all traitors share personal traits or circumstances of upbringing. The traitor’s instincts tend towards destruction, even if he enjoys a comfortable life within the society in which he grew up. He only wants to see goodness limited only to those around him, but he looks at the goodness he obtains. And luxury with an eye of discontent and considers them less than what they deserve, so such people search for an external outlet that helps them attack and destroy their societies, and the criterion that weighs their behavior is the one who pays more, but these resentful personalities do not necessarily owe loyalty to the parties that trade with them and lavish on them, as Their betrayal does not mean that they believe in the doctrine of the enemies of the state, but rather the achievement of narrow personal benefits is what drives all parties to achieve only one goal, which is to plunder the resources of countries and dismantle societies.

As for family circumstances, they may also play a major role in the formation of this traitorous, traitorous group. Some of these traitors grow up in broken environments devoid of proper family guidance. Betrayal does not necessarily consist of betrayal of the homeland only, but may begin with betrayal of the family itself first, so these people grow up with They are mean and accustomed to betrayal of trust that develops over the years, and they are like time bombs within any society that others know nothing about. They keep waiting for opportunities and seizing the appropriate moments to attack society, spewing out their poisons, their hatreds, and their hidden malice to break its bonds, disintegrate its pillars, and shake all the values ​​and principles in it whenever they can. So.

It is noted that all traitors – even sleeper cells that have not yet been discovered – do not follow their own intellectual agenda and do not believe in a specific ideology, but rather follow the agendas of external forces that dictate to them what they should do, and what they are expected to and what they are not expected to follow, and these other forces are lurking. Countries lie in wait for them until they can attack them, and they find these traitors an easy target through which they can achieve all their vile goals and objectives. They find what they seek in those who, by nature, lack the faculty of thinking.

It is unfortunate that some people are born as followers by nature; They refrain from contemplating and thinking and love to play the role of executor. They receive orders from those who are higher in rank than them without seeking to make the slightest effort in revising what is dictated to them. Their thinking abilities are completely limited, and they are unable to distinguish between right and wrong because they are afflicted with intellectual stagnation and methodological weakness in their thinking. Managing their lives, and because they are followers, they are unable to confront or take initiative, and they are always the implementer who obeys the orders of others. Therefore, we find that the perpetrators of terrorist operations throw themselves into destruction at a time when the planners are far from the scene.

There is no doubt that many of those who have used themselves as fuel for treason are motivated by their material ambitions and suspicious beliefs that intersect with the malicious doctrine of the planners and their generous spending on everything that would harm countries and undermine their stability. These people do not wish to use their minds or awaken their consciences so that they do not come up with an idea that conflicts with their ambitions. Or their evil goals. They have been blinded by ignorance and blinded by their inability to evaluate what is going on around them with logic and rationality. They are unable to read what is behind the lines, nor even to read the lines themselves. Their deep belief in their masters limits their feeling of freedom and eliminates all hope of feeling it. They refuse Freedom is complete and they accept for themselves the description of a submissive follower, and they are the ones to whom Plato’s famous saying that he said thousands of years ago applies: “If the sky rains freedom… the slaves raise umbrellas.”

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