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With the current economic situation in the country, you should not waste even a second to make money. He did the same thing Isathe daughter of Dani la Chepiwho was at Bailando and took the opportunity to promote his venture and sell some products to those present.

The comedian was on the program Marcelo Tinelli on Wednesday, November 15, where I had to dance with Maxi de la Cruz in the sauce of three. It also had the incentive that that day was the big debut for the influencer in the American cycle.

During the preview he spoke about what happened with your mental healthwhere the driver and she took a few minutes to reflect on the care that must be taken, in order to avoid or at least diagnose in time, what happened to the blonde.

However, the one that took all the spotlight was not Dani, but his daughter. The small, sweet and intelligent one, she talked about how she has a business with a friend. Neither slow nor lazy, she began to offer her products throughout Bailando. In the end she achieved it, because several of her bought from her.


“He brought bracelets to sell. I told him to sell to the white-haired man.”held la Chepi. Marcelo He was surprised, so he had no choice but to buy from him: “The man with white hair is me. The man with white hair is always found to pay money. Always the man with white hair”.

And I add: “Beyond how they described me, I am the man who is going to get a sope (peso). There is like a trend”. The prices were 100 and 200 pesos. Moriah Casan joined and confirmed: “I’m going to buy you three or four, if you have availability”.

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