Pyramids lose Ramadan Sobhi 3 weeks to injury

Dr. Mostafa Al-Muniri, head of the medical staff at Pyramids Club, revealed that the medical examinations and x-rays conducted by Ramadan Sobhi, the team player, proved that he suffered from a tear in the connective muscle.

Ramadan Sobhi was injured during the last minutes of the Pyramids match against Al-Ittihad of Alexandria at Alexandria Stadium, after which he underwent medical examinations and x-rays to determine the severity of the injury.

Al-Muniri explained that the medical staff set up a treatment and rehabilitation program for the player for a period of between two and three weeks, before returning again to participate with the team normally after recovering from the injury.

The Pyramids doctor reveals the latest developments in Al-Saeed and Jalal’s injury

For his part, Dr. Mustafa Al-Mouniri, head of the medical staff at the Pyramids Club, revealed that the football team duo, Abdullah Al-Saeed and Osama Jalal, are continuing their intensive treatment and rehabilitation program during the next stage, after the executive management’s decision to travel the players to Germany to be presented to the most important and best doctors there.

Abdullah Al-Saeed and Osama Jalal are absent from Pyramids after the injury suffered by the duo during the Al-Ahly match in the Egyptian Cup final, which was held last April.

Al-Mouniri explained that the Pyramids administration made its decision to travel the two recently to be presented to the Bayern Munich club doctor and the German national team doctor, to make the final decision regarding the injury that the two players suffer from and the extent to which either of them needs surgical intervention, or to suffice with rehabilitative and therapeutic exercises according to a program dedicated to each of them.

He confirmed that Abdullah Al-Saeed, who suffers from a rupture of the knee ligaments, was presented to the German doctor during the past week and confirmed that he did not need surgery, and that he was satisfied with a local injection in the place of the injury, continuing his treatment and rehabilitation program for the next two weeks, with going to the stadium within days to conduct therapeutic exercises.

He explained that Osama Jalal is also suffering from a tear in the connective muscle. He was injected into the site of the injury, and he is proceeding according to a special treatment and rehabilitation program.. indicating that the administration decided to travel the players again to Germany on June 4, to be presented again to the doctor, and to start The second phase of the treatment and rehabilitation program.

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