Pyramids list against Future League

Portuguese coach Jaime Pacheco, coach of Pyramids Club, announced the squad list for the Future Premier League match, which will be held tomorrow night, Friday, in the local league championship.

Pyramids will meet Future at nine thirty in the evening, Friday, at the Air Defense Stadium, as part of the Egyptian Premier League competition matches.

The list was as follows:

Goalkeepers: Ahmed El Shennawy – Ahmed Dadour – Youssef Nader

Defense line: Ahmed Sami – Mohamed Hamdi – Ahmed Fathi – Mohamed Al Shaibi – Karim Hafez – Ali Jabr

Midfield: Platy Toure – Islam Issa – Ibrahim Adel – Mustafa Fathi – Ahmed Tawfiq – Muhammad Sadiq – Walid Al Karti – Mahmoud Saber – Hisham Muhammad

Offensive line: Dudu Al-Jabbas – Fakhruddin Bin Youssef – Fakhri Lakai

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