projection mechanism

“She threw her disease at me and slipped away.” A well-known Arab proverb means: She defamed me for what is in her and not in me.

There are people who accuse others of what is not in them; For example, the lazy student accuses his teacher of not being able to communicate information, or the reckless employee accuses his manager of being harsh and biased against him.

It is not a shame for a person to fail in studies or work. Failure is the fuel of success. What he is assigned to do may be greater than his capabilities. But the fault is that he projects his failure onto others and attaches it to those around him to cover his failures. This is what psychologists define as the “psychological projection mechanism”; It is a psychological defense mechanism used by the “narcissist” to project his negative feelings and bad qualities onto others. He practices this projection without realizing to protect his “ego”. This is classified as a type of self-defense. As the projection of bad behaviors and defects protects him from recognizing their existence in his personality, and that projection gives him a sense of comfort, and the owner of this pattern works to discover the faults of others instead of discovering his own.

The poet al-Mutawakkil al-Laithi said:

And see you fix our minds with guidance

Never and you are of guidance without

So start with yourself, for it is from its sin

If you give up on him, you are wise

permission; The most prevalent psychological suffering in societies is “psychological projection.” This ailment is present in every narcissist, failure, or troubled person, and in those who build their lives on unrealizable fantasies.

So; We have to accept the presence of those who suffer from the “psychological projection mechanism”, especially since it can be treated and corrected if the sufferer wishes. Our hearts open to every mess.

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