Prince of Jazan launches the identity of the “Investment Forum”

The Governor of Jazan Region, Prince Muhammad bin Nasser bin Abdulaziz, in the presence of his deputy, Prince Muhammad bin Abdulaziz, inaugurated the identity of the Jazan Investment Forum in its first edition, which is organized by the Jazan Chamber, to be held in late November.

Ahmed Abu Hadi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Jazan Chamber, reviewed the objectives of the forum, including promoting the investment environment in the region, highlighting its components, comparative and competitive advantages, and promising investment opportunities in Jazan, to contribute to achieving the goals of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, raising the level of strategic partnerships, and launching investment initiatives and projects under the umbrella. Chamber, stressing that the forum will witness a number of programs in several fields, in addition to presenting combined and multiple investment opportunities in various sectors, most notably tourism, real estate development, mining, transportation and logistics, industry and agriculture.

After that, Prince Muhammad bin Nasser inaugurated the identity of the Jazan Investment Forum 2023, and the attendees watched a visual presentation on the identity of the investment forum, which comes in line with the acceleration of development and a quantum leap in various fields in the Jazan region.

Subsequently, the Emir of Jazan delivered a speech in which he explained that the inauguration of the identity of the Jazan Forum in its first edition comes as an extension of the achievements of Vision 2030 that contributed to major shifts in various security, development, economic and humanitarian fields, and in ambitious international and local targets, the most prominent of which was announced by the Crown Prince. Finally, launching four special economic zones in the Kingdom, including the Jazan region.

On this occasion, he invited all investors, businessmen, and those concerned in this field to participate in this important forum and invest in this promising region, hoping that the forum’s outputs will contribute to raising investment rates, increasing job opportunities, and attracting investments.

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