Prayer for rain.. Learn about the recommended supplications at the time of rain

It is recommended to repeat the rain prayer Rainfall time, as revealed by ATo the General Authority of MeteorologyThe latest satellite images indicate the continued proliferation of low and medium rain clouds over various areas of… Great Cairo The Delta, northern and central Upper Egypt, the Canal cities, and northern and central Sinai during the night periods until tomorrow, Sunday, are accompanied by rainfall. Rain Variable in intensity, sometimes thundery.

– Oh God, give us rain, comforting, refreshing and beneficial

O God, we ask You for its good, the good of what is in it, and the good of what you were sent with, and we seek refuge in You from its evil, the evil of what is in it, and the evil of what you were sent with.

-Supplication after the rain falls: “We received rain by God’s grace and mercy”

– Oh God, honor us, protect us, provide for us, and protect us, O Lord of the Worlds

– Oh God, heal our sick and sick Muslims and have mercy on our dead and dying Muslims, O God, Amen.

Weishahd Al-Ahad weather Tend to be hot during the day in Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, and North Upper Egypt, moderate on the northern coasts, hot in South Sinai, extremely hot in South Upper Egypt, pleasant at the beginning of the night, and cold at the end of the country in the north of the country until North Upper Egypt, pleasant in South Sinai and South Upper Egypt.

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